Research Review: How Does A Cellar Door Visit Impact Future Sales?

Ever wondered how the service you provide impacts your brand after your guests have departed? This article proves that positive cellar door experiences increase future sales…read on for the details

For those who read the WBM, Wine & Viticulture & Grapegrower magazine, you’ll be familiar with the brilliant work of Professor Johan Bruwer & Marketing Expert Larry Lockshin – (among others), with regard to researching the dynamics of cellar doors and how they can impact on overall business performance.

Wine & Viticulture published a fascinating research paper in the Jan/Feb 15 issue, titled ‘How does a cellar door visit impact future sales?’. It was written by Johan Bruwer, Larry Lockshin, Anthony Saliba & Martin Hirche with funding from AGWA. You can view the paper here .

The research sought to find a link between cellar door visitation and future sales through retail & restaurant outlets. 3368 visitors participated in 15 wine regions, at 79 cellar doors. A smaller cohort (1902) completed follow up surveys tracking their purchasing behaviour three, and six months after their visit.

Some of the findings are astonishing: If the experience at cellar door was positive 83% of visitors recommended it to friends (43% of recommendations), family (29%) and colleagues (23%) – proving that good experiences can create ‘brand ambassadors’ through powerful (and ultimately very credible) word-of-mouth channels.

Of visitors who had never purchased the wine brand (prior to the cellar door visit), 41% went on to purchase the brand within six months. And combined with people who had purchased the brand prior to the visit, there was an overall net gain of almost 16% in post-visit sales.

Both of these outcomes however rely on highly engaging and enjoyable cellar door experiences. As the article states ‘the first priority should always be the building of strong relationships between the consumer and the wine brand’.

Given how impactful these figures are, it reinforces the importance of creating memorable cellar door experiences and demonstrates how widely the effects can reach when a consumer has a great interaction with a wine brand.

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