Five Tips to Promote Social Media Engagement at Cellar Door

Clever social media can give your brand another voice. But how do you make the most of it? Encouraging visitors to post while they are at the cellar door can increase longer term brand engagement online and contribute to word-of-mouth. It’s also a great way for staff to interact with customers and bring a bit of fun into the tasting. Use these five quick tips to encourage online engagement …

1. Make sure the handles & hashtags are visible : Publishing your hashtags & handles on tasting notes or signs will make sure that your customers can find you while they are interacting online. Importantly, the signage should tie in with your branding and be thoughtfully designed – not just printed on a piece of paper and stuck to the wall.

2. Take a picture of the tasting group : Offering to take a picture is a great way to encourage the group to post it – as the photo is generally better than a selfie. You could even sneak a bottle or two into the picture!

3. Set up your live Instagram feed on an iPad : Having a mounted iPad or screen set up with a live hashtagged feed can encourage people to post.  The idea is if they post a photo with the correct hashtag, it will be picked up by the live stream and be shown on the screen.  You can also use the same code within the winery website or other platforms.

4. Create a photo opportunity : Picture frames, Instagram frame props or other little nooks encourage visitors to have their picture taken. They are used widely in festivals and weddings to great effect – just make sure there is some branding visible – as subtle as it might be.

5. Competitions : Competitions are a great way to build on an already interactive audience online – get creative and give it a shot – just make sure the legal guidelines are met.